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Idea Café

April 17, 2009

With a bad placement scenario and fewer existing opportunities, maybe its time you give your idea a try. You never know, it can turn out to be the next big start-up.

We, at Center for Entrepreneurial leadership, are giving you a platform to discuss your ideas, brainstorm for new ones and find people interested in them so that you can float your own enterprise. Mr.Pradeep Sethi, a successful entrepreneur and a distinguished alumnus of BITS-Pilani will be guiding you through the Idea Café session.

The best idea gets a direct entry to the semi-final round of Conquest 2009.

Date: 18th April, Saturday

Time: 4pm

Venue: ET (2220)

You don’t necessarily need to have an idea to be at Idea Café. With all the other ideas floating around, we are sure you’ll hit on something of your own.

P.S recommended for those interested in Sparks New ventures, a new elective being offered for the next semester

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April 13, 2009

The evening was perfect. The sun was tired but was still smiling fine, spreading its golden rays across the horizon. A pleasant breeze whistled past, stopping me from going back indoors. It was an evening on which I could walk endlessly thinking of nothing, just enjoying being lonely, something which happens so seldom when you are in your college. It was not too long or maybe it was, before I saw a young lad sitting by a small pond. He was staring into the water. He appeared too lifeless to ignore. I paused to observe him, waiting for the slightest movement. I waited…

The silence crashed all of a sudden, he shouted “Where am I?” He then got up and walked closer to me. His eyes were red and teary. He seemed to have been crying the whole day. He looked on …very helplessly. He wanted to tell me something…he tried muttering but his mouth was too dry from all the crying. He took a deep breath and managed to speak out, “I can’t find my reflection in there” and burst into tears once again and then ran away.

I stood still. I so badly wanted to go have a look at the water but I didn’t. What if I can’t find my reflection? After 20 years of my life and 2 years into a premier university, what if I still don’t have an identity?

No identity

And here i go again!!

January 19, 2009

The entire last semester or the 2-1 of my BITSian life was an amazing experience. It all started with the CG card showing a 6.3. Of course there were the sem resolutions to be made; decent acads, work on E-Factor/Conquest, etc.etc..

The most unexpected and also the best learning experience was through my involvement in hardcore college politics which was by the means of active campaigning for Rachit. CEL recruitments and bootcamps were brilliant; (show me where else a group of 23 freshers raise 20k in sponsorship and pull off 3 mega events in 3 weeks). The failure of the highly ambitious E-Factor project was disappointing, however never discouraging(thanks mainly to Nakul, Chinmay et al). My first Oasis, my first couple of closed door sessions and decent compres in addition to infatuatuion completed my sem. And then there was a brilliant roadtrip which i embarked upon. (watch out for the details in my future posts).

2-2 begins….. GPA of 8, another try at Conquest, etc etc… oh boy!! here i go again, but with a little more optimism:)

Cultural Programme by/for Mess Workers of BITS-Pilani

December 10, 2008

This evening there was a cultural programme which was organised by CRAC-MMC (Mess Monitoring Committee) of BITS-Pilani. It was a one and a half hour event which witnessed very good participation from Mess workers. The audience included the big-wigs of BITS-Pilani, few students and mess workers themselves.

The mess system includes 7 messes (catering to the needs of 12 bhawans/hostels), a special kitchen bakery and all night canteen(ANC). The total workforce including mess managers and accountants is 178. It was as a part of motivation programme for these people that a cultural evening was planned which invited them to showcase their talents in singing and dancing. This was preceded by an inter mess cricket tournament which was held from 26th to 30th November.

I was thoroughly impressed. Three points which I couldn’t ignore. Firstly, as I have mentioned earlier, the audience involved the big-wigs of BITS Pilani. The Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Directors, Deans and the Chief Warden were not only amazed but also seemed to enjoy it very much. The very fact that they had taken an hour out for the event was encouraging enough for the performers to give their best. The second point which made me involved was the quality and the items which were on display, the traditional Rajasthani folk dances, moral-preaching hymns, etc…. and I initially expected some film numbers. I was pleased. And finally I can’t help being proud of my institution, BITS-Pilani. This is the only place out of all the educational institutions I’m aware of where an evening is dedicated to someone like the mess workers.

This festival was the brainchild of SWD Dean, NV Murlidhar Rao. It was made possible by a few volunteers from among the mess employees themselves. The only regret I have is me not playing an active role in initiatives taken by CRAC-MMC of which I’m a member. However there are a couple of other plans for the semester ahead and I promise myself to give something much better the next time around.

Now and then

November 30, 2008

I am just back to my room after a really long walk. But I guess this is the first time this semester when I went all alone. The last one was on the last day of last semester. I ventured out into the chilly winter night with a lot of unclear thoughts. My arrognace wanted to me to brave the cold, roam around without a jacket and I obliged.I started at about 8pm.

I was recounting all the incidents of the past few days including the Mumbai blasts. Three days of events which will change a lot henceforth, or maybe I’m wrong. It might just end up being another sad tale to report, read and blog about. It might be erased from the memory by just wearing a white t shirt or forwarding messages and e-mails or by lighting a few candles. 12 brainfucked bastards, close to 200 dead and many more injured leave back a lot of unanswered questions. Another Indo-Pak war? change in govt? POTA revoked?…….

I was around the library by then. Two hundred plus cycles. Reality hit me. Its the compre time, that time of the semester where a lot of courses suddenly seem interesting to a lot of people. It just reminded me of all the schemers around; I admit I’m still not completely out of the list. All the high CGPA plans, MS, MBA, Internship, Job Placements… wondering how much of the future has/is to be planned?

All the plans made in the high school, IIT, MS in MIT on a fellowship, Nobel Prize in Physics are all now out of the equation. Things/circumstances change too quickly or maybe its me who is changing. Back then, two years, every exam -stimulation tests, Boards, SAT, JEE was preceded by intensive preparation, solving every possible question, clearing others doubts… Exams were an excuse not to watch movies, listen to music, chat for long hours on non-academic issues. But now it has changed. I have become the kind whom I disliked the most back then; People with no plans, no idea of what to do in the future and who are lazy. I am watching movies (5 over the last two days and counting) and discovering new music to keep myself away from disturbing others. However I have still managed to keep myself working on certain projects of CEL, to have fun and in hope of finding a purpose and learn from others.

I’m hungry already. Going out for Coffee.

Passing the Baton

October 11, 2008
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The Sharma’s restaurant at C’not BITS-Pilani was the venue for yet another treat and an important occasion for CELites. It was a get together of sorts with even the 3rd yearites doing EEE electives being present for the announcement of the new president. It is Rachit Chandra taking over from Nakul Jamadagni. I just can’t help feeling so lucky to be amongst some of the best people on campus…CELites. This is something I wanted to say at the end of the meet….. but I couldn’t…. I don’t understand why I can’t tell people what I want them to know.

The first time I saw Nakul was during the first interaction I was a part of after the CEL recruitment in my first semester. It was room no. 3115, FD III building. My first impression of him wasn’t all that great. In fact he seemed to me as an extremely hyperactive guy and a misfit in a centre of excellence in entrepreneurship. I ended up being a part of the bootcamp for which Nakul was one of the lead. The other lead was Soujanya. Those 15 days were one of my best in BITS-Pilani and by the end of it realised that Nakul was someone whom I could connect with. A year later, the respect has only increased. He is the cool guy…..jnacool is very apt. He can deal any situation with utmost calmness and composure. It has been a great experience, learning from him to respect others opinion, be a team leader and overall have fun!!

Rachit Chandra, if you have read my first post is my inspiration to blog. He has been my friend, guide and philosopher and continues to be one of the most influential personalities on my life. I can spend days talking about him. I try to grab every opportunity to go to his room and spend time listening to him for this is one of the best ways of learning I could find in BITS-Pilani. I am looking forward to more of these sessions this semester. Hope all the CELites especially the first yearites learn a lot from Rachit.

Everything I have written here about Nakul and Rachit is not just as a CELite. I feel gifted to have them as friends and take great pride in being their student.

Just another evening….

September 23, 2008

Andy, Rishabh, Lodha, Raghav, Nakul and Me, all of us are sitting in the CEL room and working on something important, something if executed well would make history. A flash, the power’s gone, the computer is off and a brilliant view of BITS-Pilani from the 1st floor of the clock tower, just beside the senate room. Its pouring crazy!!!! crazy with zzzyyyyyy. Adventurism takes over and we set off in the rain shouting and screaming. With the pants rolled up, cellphone in a plastic cover, I walk but still missing someone.

We walk through knee high water levels in BITS- Pilani campus enroute to C’not. We dont exactly live in a desert. I remember reading that ice cream/dairy products build warmth in your body. Its all bullshit!! Learnt it the hardway. 5 min of shivering and we are at ANC. A cup of hot coffee, the same nestle coffee I have every evening at ANC, tastes so different and good today. A plate of maggi and gen discussion with Andy, raghav and Lodha with feet under a feet of water. A brilliant evening!!

But sadly all this was yesterday. Today is routine. It is hot.I have a test tomorrow morning. And this is just another evening of my life in BITS-Pilani. I would have been forced to believe that last evening was a dream if it wasnt for my still wet sandals.